As part of your financial plan, you want an investment vehicle that offers a fixed rate for a specific time period—so you’ll always know how much you’re earning. That investment vehicle is a Certificate from Your Community Credit Union. 

Our Certificate offers these benefits:

  • Variety of terms
  • Minimum deposits as low as $100
  • Solid return

Choose the Certificate that’s right for you:

Certificate Minimum Deposit Terms Features
Share $500 6 months to 60 months High fixed rates guaranteed for the term of your Certificate
12-Month Flex Savings Certificate $100 12 months
Flexible options:
  • Make additional deposits of $10 to $25,000 per day
  • Opt for a one-time rate change during the 12-month term without changing original maturity date
  • Withdraw up to 25% of the principal with no penalty one time during the 12-month term
Jumbo Share Certificates $100,000 6 months to 60 month Dividend rates are higher than our Share Certificate rates
Dividends earned on your Certificate are computed daily, paid and compounded quarterly, based on your account balance.


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